kucher tebenkos

Hi! My name is Igor Kucher. As you can see, we are not really Scandinavians ourselves. I’m Ukrainian, but my life is deeply connected to Finland:

  • CEO for 5 years in the Finnish-Ukrainian tourist company Nordic Travel, specializing on the trips for Ukrainians to the Nordic countries and for Finns to Ukraine;
  • living, studying and working in Finland in the past;
  • teaching Finnish language and culture for 7 years at the Kiev National Linguistic University;
  • PhD in linguistics for comparative studies of Finnish and Ukrainian languages;
  • helping Finnish journalists (from STT) and businessmen to establish connections in Ukraine.

I founded Nordic Studio together with my good friends and experienced IT-engineers, who incidentally started their very first hosting company at the age of 18! Oleksy and Oleksandr Tebenkos happen to have the same surname, similar first names and common passion for IT-technologies.

Together we have collected a team of ambitious professionals and talented creative young people, who follow the latest tendencies in IT, online marketing and design. This team has already achieved great results and is ready to astonish you now!

IT professionals
IT service companies
Multinational R&D Centers, including Boeing, Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle, Magento, Aricent and Wargaming
value of software outsourcing export in 2015
IT graduates each year
growth in IT outsourcing over past decade